Liis Anton

Bio & Contact

Born in 1993, Liis Anton began her journey in photography at age fourteen, mainly focusing on fashion for nearly a decade. 

After working with people from all walks of life, she now specializes in portraiture and has devoted herself to capturing emotional depth, timeless elegance and each subject’s unique personality.


Fault Magazine

Idol Magazine

Zink Magazine



The Fashionisto

Ghubar Magazine

Astonish Magazine

Tantalum Magazine

Flawless Magazine

Ajakiri Mood

Ajakiri Look

Ajakiri Mari (cover)

Iluguru (cover)

Selected Clients

Dawn Richard

Skylar Grey

Lily Elise

Lyrica Anderson

Tanaya Henry

Lloyd Klein

Sauli Koskinen

CATTIVA Cosmetics

Siri Blomquist

Gio Ott

Katrin Kuldma

Liina Stein

Aija Kivi Jewelry

Viru Keskus